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Magazine "Siberian Metalsupply"

2016-11-30 16:37:33

The Siberian Metalsupply magazine is the only edition devoted to the market of metal rolling in Siberia. It was created as the reference book for construction companies, but it was very interesting to all enterprises which work is connected with production of metallurgical branch. 

Circulation - 10 000 copies. 
Frequency - once a month 
Volume - 56 pages 
Format - A4 

Mailing address: 660135, Krasnoyarsk, st. Molokova, 27, of.109
Tel. / Fax: (391) 2-777-427, 2-777-425, 2-777-426, 2-93-02-81
E-mail: ra@vestsnab.ru
Website: www.vestsnab24.ru

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